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Deck Protect

Deck Protect 24 inch by 24 inch Fire Pit Deck Pad and Rack - DP3002

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Enjoy the warm glow of an open flame without damaging your deck, dock, lawn, driveway, or patio. Relaxing on your deck - in front of an open fire - is an experience only a Deck Protect fire pit pad can provide.
Black Finish Version

100% fireproof

100% waterproof

100% rot proof

Click on the link to see How Deck Protect Works (this will open a new browser window)
Our 24″ should be purchased for fire pits measuring 29-to-35 inches.  The package includes the mat and a sturdy rack that raises the mat off the deck – which provides a gap for airflow and keeps moisture from gathering under the pad.
The rack provides a gap for continuous airflow preventing moisture from gathering under the pad and eliminates staining. Fire pit in images not included.





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