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​5 Fire Pit Safety Tips

​5 Fire Pit Safety Tips

Posted by The Fire Pit Store on 23rd Jan 2018

Fire pits have become part of almost everyone's outdoor decor. They make for beauty, entertainment, and just fun family time. Fire pits can be used all year; most popular in spring, summer, and fall. Be cautious and preventative when using your fire pit. It is, after all, "fire".

For those currently owning fire pits or considering a new purchase, we have five safety tips to promote safety.

5 Fire Pit Safety Tips

1. Placement & Positioning

The most important thing to note is to be sure to place your fire pit at least ten feet or more from your house, other structure, or a neighbor's yard. Ideally, 20-25 feet is best. Keep in mind as well any overhanging brush or trees. Place your fire pit on rock, or concrete as opposed to wood or grass surfaces. There are also "deck protects" which are available to purchase to sit the fire pit on. These are non-flammable and help protect the area underneath the fire pit.

2. Preparation

Again, prevention is key! Before lighting your fire pit, remove any flammable materials. Surrounding the fire pit with rock and/or vegetation-free soil can help prevent fire from spreading. Also, be sure the fire pit is a minimum of two feet across and at least six inches deep to adequately contain the flame.

3. Lighting

Experts recommend using a commercial fire starter stick when lighting a fire. Never, never, never use gasoline, lighter fluid, or another flammable agent to start or restart a fire. These can be very dangerous. We, unfortunately, hear on the news of people using these flammables to start fires and explosions have occurred resulting in very lethal injuries. So never think it can't happen to you. Be safe!

4. Extinguishing Fire

Use water to extinguish the flames and a shovel to stir the ashes. Make sure to never dispose of the ash in paper or plastic trash bags. Instead, use a metal bucket, can, or container.

5. Additional Safety Information

Never leave a fire pit unattended. Never leave children or pets near the fire pit unattended. Teach your children to fire safety at an early age.

Keep the fire burning gently as opposed to a roaring, huge fire.

Do not use soft woods, like pine as they can emit dangerous sparks. There are several great articles online and some we have published that give you information on the best types and worse types of woods to use in your fire pit.

Another great option is a wire mesh cover to help prevent stray embers from floating away and to keep others from falling into the pit.

Always wear non-flammable clothing when attending to a fire.

Most importantly, keep a water hose nearby for easy access, and a water container should the fire spread and need extinguishing in an emergency.

You and your family can enjoy the fun and beauty of fire pits by following these expert tips above.