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4 Ideas  For Using Your Fire Pit During the Winter

4 Ideas For Using Your Fire Pit During the Winter

Posted by The Fire Pit Store on 8th Dec 2017

What do you think of when you hear the words "fire pit"? As for me, I think of friends and family, on a cool night, enjoying a party, food, conversations, or camping! Often we forget that fire pits can still be utilized in the wintertime. Winter can be just as enjoyable as long as one has a nice, warm, cozy spot to plant yourself and enjoy nature. Fire pits have a fire, therefore exude warmth, right? So get creative and put your fire pit to use in the cooler weather months. Snow, camping, and cookouts can make for a great weekend of fun! Here are a few ideas on winter fire pit-ing!

1. Have An Outdoor Winter Party

Not everyone will find this appealing if you are "cold natured", but having a few friends over to your home, camp spot, or hunting area and bringing or using a portable fire pit can be loads of fun. You can cook your food, wrap it up in blankets or sleeping bags and enjoy one another's company while still staying warm. Remember, our ancestors had only this to keep them warm.

2. Build A Snow Fort

Another creative idea is building a snow fort. Your children will love this idea. Snow forts can protect you from the 

wind and if the fort is large enough, consider putting the fire pit inside. Be sure to use all safety measures and have fun!

3. Snowshoes, Sleds, and Skis!

Take advantage of the snow and take the kids on a sliding or snowshoe adventure. Snow skiing is another fun activity. With the many different portable fire pits, just take the pit with you for roasting marshmallows, cooking hotdogs, or whatever your heart desires. You can gather around the fire to warm up and recharge for the next sled ride!

4. Move It To Your Deck Or Patio

You can easily place your fire pit on your patio or deck if the area is clear of overhead wires, and leaves and not too close to your home. Using a fire pit in these areas is not recommended if there is a roof covering the area. You can find a fire protectant pad or deck protector to place your fire pit on to keep the deck, porch, or stone area intact. You can find some excellent deck protects on the website:

Enjoy your winter folks!