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Randy Marcial

42 inch Tree of Life fire pit

Material: 1/4 inch thick steel

Overall Height: approx 48"

Base Height: approx 6"

Base Diameter: approx 19"

Finish: Iron Oxide.  Will turn a patina color over time as you burn it and it is exposed to the elements. (We do not paint these anymore, as no matter what paint you apply over time, it eventually begins to peel off and looks blotchy and unattractive. The steel will turn a deep black/brown color over time and looks great.)

Each fire pit is custom hand drawn and cut and no two fire pits look the same.

This doesn't include any lava rock. It cost more to ship it than to pick up a bag at Home Depot or Lowes. Plus it gives you the option of selecting color and size locally. (black looks good with this fire pit)


250K BTU Crossfire Brass Burner

Key Valve, Key and Flexhose


Natural Gas 
Suggested to fit inside an 42”-48” opening.

For Use with Any Burner over 249K BTU's:

Kit Includes: 36” L x 3/4” Diameter Flex Line (x2) +
3/4” Connector + 3/4” Key Valve + 12” Key


Our ICC Design Certified (Crossfire) Combustion Burner Sуѕtеm іѕ thе newest state оf thе аrt outdoor patio flame ѕуѕtеm on the market. Our Burner System’s regulator wаѕ developed wіth a precise air tо gas mixture ratio whісh produces a taller, brighter flame, whіlе using оnlу half thе fuel оf conventional fіrе rings now available. Thіѕ cutting edge technology hаѕ allowed оur product tо оut perform аll оthеrѕ оn thе market.


OPTIONAL: (to protect any surface the fire pit is placed on)




Price includes shipping of gas components to be installed inside the fire pit during construction and LTL trucking from the fire pit manufacturing location to the destination of your choice.

Payment in full is required at the time of order placement because of the custom nature of the product.

Let me know per the other email that was sent, if you need any of the other hookup components for your gas installer.

Current ETA is approximately 45-60 days from the order date.


Lifetime Warranty






Lifetime Warranty to not rust through.