Cooking Over a Wood Fire Pit

Cooking Over a Wood Fire Pit

9th Dec 2016

Here are some tips for grilling over wood: Always use seasoned (dried) hardwoods like oak, alder, ash, beech, hickory, maple, pecan, birch, walnut, mesquite, or fruitwoods. Other options inclu … read more

The 10 Most Unusual Sports from Around the World

30th Oct 2016

Believe it or not, these sports actually exist. We as sports enthusiasts have focused in on our mainstream sporting events. You’ve got your soccer, football, basketball, and baseball headlining … read more

The Best Wood To Burn In A Wood Burning Fire Pit

8th Oct 2016

To keep safe and enjoy your fire pit to the max, learn which wood to burn in your wood burning fire pit. Keep the sparks to a minimum...unless you want them. Learn which wood will burn the longe … read more

8 Reasons You Need a Walking/Hiking Stick

13th Apr 2016

When many people think of walking sticks they think geriatrics and say to themselves “I’m not old, I don’t need help walking”. While walking/hiking sticks a … read more

Boring Yard? Consider a Reflecting Pool

4th Dec 2015

From the Taj Mahal to the Palace of Versailles, great structures around the globe have featured reflecting pools on their grounds. These watery features are typically rectangular in shape and are plac … read more